April 1st, 1977 – September 14th, 2018

A hero to the very end. Garrett spend 19 years in law enforcement and protecting Texas, 17 of those years with the City of Fort Worth. Most of his career was spent on specialized units working to put away violent and dangerous offenders.

Garrett worked in an undercover capacity for a large portion of his career teaming up with the FBI, DEA and ATF. It was while working in an undercover narcotics unit Garrett would save the life of his then partner and subsequent best friend who was trying to break up a knife fight between victim and convicted felon. That officer was stabbed but luckily Garrett’s heroic effort and excellent training stopped the criminal before he stabbed again.

On September 14th, 2018 Garrett was again a hero when he ran into an alley after a gunman, who along with his group of heinous associates, had just robbed and beaten patrons in a bar, a crime spree by this group that had held the city captive in fear for over 2 months. Garrett was shot in that alley, but even as he endured what would be a life ending gun shot wound to the head, he was able to get off 4 rounds that would ultimately end that criminal’s life as well.

Nicknamed the “Big Guy” by his wife and two daughters, Garrett was much more than a hero at work. He was what his wife called her answered prayers, even inscribing that on the inside of his wedding band before their wedding date. He was her best friend for 16 years and a constant source of love, humor and safety. He was the most loving and doting father, faithful friend, brother and wonderful son. The sun shines a lot less bright without Garrett here on earth, but the memories and funny stories hopefully live on forever.